This site is to be used by our campuses to build unity and consistency in our Environmental Health and Safety programs as well as advocates of the University community’s safety, health and environmental stewardship.

The information shared will help improve communication among UT safety professionals, keep them informed of new EHS developments in both the UT System and the EHS profession, and promote transparency. The benefits include sharing clear expectations, reporting/record-keeping uniformity and improving data retrieval and analysis that accurately portrays our safety posture across the System. This in turn helps EHS direct resources where they can have the best impact and be consistent with UT’s strategic plan for data-informed goals and objectives.

A message on safety from UT President Randy Boyd

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our number one priority. There is no greater responsibility. As such, we must do our part to ensure a safe and secure environment at each of our campuses and institutes.

This means we have a tremendous responsibility to be up-to-date on the newest safety protocols and to be vigilant is identifying potential hazards. We are committed to doing just that.

It also means that safety does not fall on a particular department, or person. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. If there are areas where we can improve, we want to know.

By working together, we keep everyone in our UT family safe as we work toward making this the greatest decade in the history of the University of Tennessee.

Campus Safety Support Messages

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