Exothermic Reaction: Acryloyl Chloride Near Miss

Category: Injury/Illness


A small volume (~ 20 mL total volume) reaction “exothermed” and sprayed out the top of the reaction vessel. The reaction consisted of 10 mL of cyclopentadiene and 9.5 mL of acryloyl chloride in a 50 mL round bottom flask. The reaction took place in a chemical fume hood; however, the sash panels were not in between the student and the reaction vessel. The cyclopentadiene was cooled to 0°C in an ice water bath. The acryloyl chloride was added to the flask, which “exothermed” and sprayed out of the top of the round bottom flask. The graduate student took off their gloves and placed them in the hood and walked to the eye-wash station. The liquid did not splash the student, but the vapors caused a burning sensation in the student’s eyes and caused some coughing. The student rinsed their eyes in the eyewash as a precaution.

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