• UTK: Chancellor Plowman issues Safety Statement June 2021 - Chancellor Plowman has demonstrated leadership and commitment to safety by issuing a statement of support at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We invite you to view and share her message here and be part of the commitment to safety. more


(System Safety Officers Meetings, Peer Reviews, any training to be offered at the system level)

  • UT Emergency Management/System Safety Officer Retreat June 2021 - UT Emergency Management/System Safety Officer Retreat Drury Inn (Downtown), Tyne Room, Nashville, TN June 15-16, 2021 See agenda: June 15th: UT Emergency Management Agenda_June 2021 June 16th UT Safety Officers Meeting Agenda_June 2021 more

New Lessons Learned

  • Needle Stick Mindfulness & Infectious Agent Exposure August 2021 - Summary A Postdoctoral Scholar was handling the blood of infectious agent exposed mice outside of a biosafety cabinet. While trying to expel blood from the syringe into an Eppendorf tube the blood apparently dried in the needle tip.  When the researcher exerted additional pressure to expel the blood. The needle disconnected and the tip of… more
  • Mercury Spill in Lab Oven June 2021 - Summary A mercury oven thermometer break occurred when heating the oven, resulting in a mercury spill. The thermometer was in a drying oven when it broke as the oven was coming up to temperature. The lab group had used the thermometer several times up to 50 °C, but they were taking the oven up to… more
  • Laser-Ignited Acetone Fire in a Laboratory June 2021 - Summary A Laser Ablation Synthesis experiment was taking place in acetone solution with Aluminum metal as target in the solution.  A focusing plano-convex lens was used. The lens was adjusted to the height of the beaker such that a laser flux (beam spot size) was on the target. For adjusting the laser position in xy… more
  • Furnace Experiment Sample Tube Failure June 2021 - Summary An older sample tube being used in a furnace containing tungsten selenide (SDS warning: Acutely Toxic by Inhalation - GHS Category 3) failed releasing a small reddish-colored cloud into the air.  The student immediately turned off the oven and departed the lab. EHS was notified and immediately reported to the scene. Upon arrival, EHS… more
  • Exothermic Reaction: Acryloyl Chloride Near Miss June 2021 - Summary A small volume (~ 20 mL total volume) reaction "exothermed" and sprayed out the top of the reaction vessel. The reaction consisted of 10 mL of cyclopentadiene and 9.5 mL of acryloyl chloride in a 50 mL round bottom flask. The reaction took place in a chemical fume hood; however, the sash panels were… more