About JHAs and These Documents

A Job Hazard Analysis can go by many names, Job Hazard Analysis, Task Hazard Analysis, and sometimes Job Safety Analysis. While there are differences among these, the terms are often used interchangeably.

Here, a Job Hazard Analysis is simply a document that describes a job or task, the hazards faced by the worker, requirements such as personal protective equipment (PPE), training, and specific hazard controls. The document lists tasks that might be performed by the worker performing the job. Each task line has a description, specific hazards, and specific controls to be applied.

To learn more about the principles of Job Hazard Analysis the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, offers a guidance document.

These documents are intended to be adapted for use at any UT campus. Each document has basic guidance for each job; however, details need to be added such as the department, job titles performing the work, frequency of work, and any campus specific requirement. Once complete, they must be approved before placing the document in use.

You can develop and share JHAs. Visit JHA template page for more information.

Table of JHAs

JHA TitleCategoryTemplate
ChainsawOperations/MaintenanceChainsaw JHA
Mowing GrassOperations/MaintenanceMowing Grass JHA
Shop Vacuum Operations/MaintenanceShop Vacuum JHA
Weed/Grass TrimmingOperations/MaintenanceWeed/Grass Trimming JHA