Accessing the file

The template is in a Word template format (.dotx). Template files, as opposed to document (.doc or .docx) files, are not easily overwritten. Files should be downloaded to your local computer.

Important notes about .dotx and .docx files

Template files (.dotx), when opened from a file browser (explorer, finder etc.), will open as a new .docx file (Doc1, Doc2, Doc3, etc.). You can then save as a desired name and distribute as necessary.

When opening a template file from within Word, (File–>Open–>) the file will be opened as a template. Saving will keep it as a template.

Limited access

The file is hosted behind a login on SharePoint, so you must be a member of the University of Tennessee community to access it. See access login guidance here, if you have any questions.

Download JHA Template

Using the template for immediate use

  1. Open the file in Word.
  2. Complete the information in the header.
  3. Adjust any details to fit the job.
  4. Approve and date the document.
  5. Share and communicate it with relevant employees.

Create your own campus template

  1. Save the file to your computer.
  2. Open the file. Opening from within Microsoft Word may make it easier re-save the file as a template later. Alternatively, you can simply open the file from your file browser (e.g. Explorer/Finder), but you will need to select the file type when saving later.
  3. Adjust any fields that you would like standardized to your campus (such as the “campus” field).
  4. Save the file as a Microsoft Word Template (.dotx).