The University of Tennessee System is partnering with LiveSafe, a mobile application, to give you easier ways to do something about security risks and threats. LiveSafe provides actionable, crowdsourced intelligence and two-way information sharing between you and UTPD to create a safer and more secure work environment.

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LiveSafe has several features that you can use both at work and at home. The “Watch Me Walk” feature, in particular, lets you tell your co-workers, friends and family “I got your back” as you make sure they safely get to their car, a transit stop, or remote location.


LiveSafe Features


Direct access to UT System COVID-19 resources, including the daily self-check questionnaire.


Quickly and easily report tips to UTPD with photos, video, audio, or text, and precise geo-tagged location information. Reports can be anonymous.


Request emergency 911 or security assistance at your phone’s geo-tagged location.

“Watch Me Walk”

Request a virtual peer-to-peer or security escort to monitor your progress as you walk or drive somewhere. Or automatically notify someone if you don’t arrive at your destination.


Receive security notifications relevant to your location directly on your phone. For example, if you arrive at work while an incident is occurring, you may receive a notification to stay outside until further notice.


Access useful documents and resources directly on your phone, such as emergency or evacuation plans, bomb threat checklists, and tips for dealing with various security issues.

Real-time information

Our partnership is system-wide. If you travel to any UT campus in the state, the application will automatically detect which campus you are on and ask if you want to receive alerts while on campus.

The LiveSafe app supplements—but does not replace—the UT Alert system. For more information about UT Alert, please visit the UT Alert website.


Quick facts about LiveSafe

  • LiveSafe is a free application that can be downloaded and used on any Android or iOS device, including personal devices. UT System cannot track your location by using LiveSafe unless you specifically request temporary monitoring through the “Watch Me Walk” feature.
  • You can also use LiveSafe to connect to a variety of other organizations such as hundreds of universities, shopping malls, and entertainment and sports venues across the country.
  • You can use LiveSafe’s features with your non-work friends and family. For example, you can monitor your child as they walk home from a friend’s house or after school.
  • Additional UT System resources may also use LiveSafe in the future.

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