For files that are located behind a login, you need only be logged into a UTK system. If you are accessing files from another campus please refer to the guidance below.

All SharePoint sites are now in SharePoint online.  SharePoint online login uses and the user’s Office 365 password synced from their UTK Active Directory password.

UTC/UTM users that have never set/changed their NetID password at have to change their NetID password at to authenticate to SharePoint online.

NetID password expiration (180 days or 60 days) does not apply to users that have signed up for two-factor authentication and have a password of 12 or more characters in length.  If not using two-factor authentication, users receive email notifications that their password will expire.

Office 365 passwords are set to never expire.

When a user changes their NetID password at, it changes their LDAP password, IRIS password, UTK\NetID Active Directory password,<> Office 365 password and<> Google Apps password (if applicable).

For UTC users, changing their NetID password at will also change their UTC password in UTC systems.

If a UTC user changes their UTCID password, it will only sync to LDAP and IRIS so their UTK\NetID Active Directory password and<> Office 365 password are not changed.