Mercury Spill in Lab Oven

Summary A mercury oven thermometer break occurred when heating the oven, resulting in a mercury spill. The thermometer was in a drying oven when it broke as the oven was coming up to temperature. The lab group had used the thermometer several times up to 50 °C, but they were taking the oven up to … Continued

Lessons Learned

Laser-Ignited Acetone Fire in a Laboratory

Summary A Laser Ablation Synthesis experiment was taking place in acetone solution with Aluminum metal as target in the solution.  A focusing plano-convex lens was used. The lens was adjusted to the height of the beaker such that a laser flux (beam spot size) was on the target. For adjusting the laser position in xy … Continued

Lessons Learned

Propane Release from Laboratory Gas Valve

Summary A weekend custodial crew was performing a comprehensive cleaning of a laboratory in preparation for the space to be occupied by a newly hired Principle Investigator. In addition to the areas routinely cleaned, the staff was instructed to clean the bench-tops inside a cold room located within the laboratory space.  During the process of … Continued