Your Safety Comes First!

If you become aware of suspicious activity, never:

  • Ignore your instincts.
  • Take direct action or pursue.
  • Confront the individual.


If you become aware of suspicious activity, always:

  • Call 911 if there is a life-threatening situation.
  • When reporting suspicious activity, it helps to give the most accurate description possible.
  • Notify the UT Police Department at 865-974-3114 as soon as possible and describe the events you observed:
    • Brief description of the activity
    • Date, time and location of the activity
    • Physical identifiers of anyone you observed
    • Descriptions of vehicles
    • Information about where people involved in suspicious activities may have gone
    • Your name and contact information (optional)


If you see something, say something!

What to Look For:

  • Attempting to gain access or found in places they don’t belong
  • Unusual interest in operational details and asking probing questions
  • Avoiding eye contact and/or departing quickly when seen or approached
  • Moving against the flow of traffic or loitering for no apparent reason
  • Overdressed for the weather
  • A strong odor coming from a bag or vehicle
  • An overloaded vehicle or fluid leaking other than from the engine or gas tank

Other Reporting options

Report suspicious activity to the Tennessee Dept. of Safety and Homeland Security online →


Warning Signs

A potentially dangerous person may exhibit additional warning signs that appear suspicious. Even if the person is not a threat to others, they could benefit from resources available through the university.

Visit the Center for Health Educations and Wellness for more information on these warning signs.